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Christmas is around the corner

Posted by Martin Pollmueller on 23rd Oct 2015

We're happy to announce that everything reverted back to normal by mid-September and that we've been growing by leaps and bounds. The Fall would normally be our quieter season as colder temperatures bring to an end the riding season for many of us in the Northern Hemisphere, however it's been busier than ever!

We've been getting calls asking about the deadline for Christmas orders. Shipping leading up to the holidays can be delayed as carriers are overwhelmed by the sheer volume of parcels. We're carrying more inventory than ever and anything in stock can ship out quickly.

If something specific or custom is required, our typical production time is four weeks. Smaller parts are often done in three weeks while the largest parts and color products may take five weeks. Add to this transit times from the factory ( normally 3 business days) and postage time to destination (varies depending on service, i.e. Tracked Packet, Expedited and Expresspost ) . Occasionally, a part may have to be reworked at the factory if it doesn't pass quality control which will cause a delay. All to say, the earlier the order, the safer the bet that it will arrive on time.

And if you're not entirely sure what your loved one really wants, there's always our gift certificates.