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Moving to new premises

Posted by Martin on 24th May 2019

We are happy to announce that we will be moving into our new premises at the end of the month which will be significantly big
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A New Look

Posted by Martin on 11th Mar 2019

Today, we finally pulled the trigger and implemented a new look to our website. There are still a lot of adjustments, refinem
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Our project motorcycles

12th Nov 2018

We've created a new section in the tabs at the top of our webpages entitled "Our Projects". Our latest project is a 2018 Duca
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Which models?

7th Nov 2018

So after our last post, someone asked us to list the 32 new additions to our store over the past two years. Here are 33 of th
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What a busy year!

26th Oct 2018

We know that we've been remiss on publishing regularly on our blog or Facebook page. We've been so busy with developing parts
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Made in the USA

17th Apr 2018

As the sole shareholder/operator of Motocomposites Inc., you'll never find me or my staff say anything negative about our com
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