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Color Options

We offer color options in 100% Carbon/Kevlar hybrid weave in Glossy Twill Weave only. All color parts are made to order and require a 4 to 6 week production period before we can ship. Because they are custom orders, they are a little pricier than our staple finishes and do not qualify for our "no questions asked returns". However, our quality guarantee stands as does our warranty.

Several additional colors and finishes not mentionned here may be available for certain parts depending upon which factory those parts can be sourced from. You may inquire by e-mail listing which parts and desired finish or color you're looking for to determine availability and pricing.

We have a few color sample swatches left which may be ordered in the "Samples" section below "Shop by make and model".

The following photos attempt to provide a comprehensive look at what these products are all about. What they fail to convey is the three dimensional effect you get when looking at the highest quality twill weave carbon fiber.


Black & Blue, up close under bright light:


Or from a distance ( much more subtle):



Black and Red ( looks burgundy under most light):






Black and Yellow up close under bright light:


or from a distance:




Under darker light:



Black and Orange up close under bright light:


Larger parts:


It is often difficult to convey the actual effect using photos as lighting conditions will vary the presentation of these products. Lower light can significantly alter the perceived color. The black and blue can look almost black with the veave appearing golden. The red and black product will look more burgundy than red in most light, while the black and orange is a very reddish orange. The black and yellow will look golden, even greenish and might be a better match for a green bike than a yellow one.

Please feel free to contact us for additional information.