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Warranties & Returns


a) Product specifications

Often times aftermarket carbon fiber will be pretty to look at but miserably thin, brittle, and with mounting tabs that shatter at the slightest bit of tension. At we strive to provide only the highest quality product and provide a 90 day warranty against manufacturing defects.

Our products are made  by hand laying the best quality carbon fiber sheets ( up to three layers) which have been pre-impregnated with epoxy resin ( dry "pre-preg" carbon fiber which assures a minimum use of resin ) into metal or epoxy resin moulds. The less expensive "Carbon with Fiberglass" product is made from carbon sheets layered upon a fiberglass inlay. These are vacuum bagged and are cured by undergoing the autoclave process at a precise temperature and pressure. The finished pieces then receive a UV-protective clear coating to prevent fading or yellowing. Finally, all parts are vetted by a quality control specialist to ensure a flawless finish. Please note that these parts are produced by hand with the utmost attention to detail and that the occurrence of small variances in the weave's symmetry is normal in even the very best quality carbon fiber products.

Our products are beautiful, strong and light and offer exceptional value when compared to other offerings out there. They are made to have a long lasting structure and finish.

Our products have been designed to be fully compatible with your motorcycle and are pre-drilled to fit exactly into existing brackets. They can be installed with the OEM mounting hardware and do not come with any hardware of their own unless specifically stated in the product description.

While rare, occasionally the most minute variance in the finished product may require a slight enlarging of a mounting hole or some filing of a mounting tab. Carbon parts are not as flexible as the plastic parts that they replace and some finessing may be required for a part to seat properly the first time. While our products are generally easy to install, we strongly recommend that your parts be installed by a professional who is familiar with the correct mounting sequences of motorcycle fairings and assemblies  Should you encounter any difficulty in installing a part, please call us. Fitment is warrantied and we strive to ensure 100% satisfaction.

Buyer beware: There are numerous vendors touting their products as carbon fiber products in their product descriptions, which are either omitting to mention that their products are the less expensive fiberglass backed products or burying this detail somewhere within their website. Also, some manufacturers use Polyester resins which are far less expensive than epoxy resins, will crack easily and will yellow over time. Fitment problems associated with lower grade products are common as the cost-cutting materials used to make their moulds are often inferior. 

For the different composition and finishing option details, please consult our "Carbon Fiber Options" tab at the top of this page. Color options are also presented under a separate tab, specifications differing depending on color.

b) Warranty & Returns

General return conditions

   Any part that is in stock at the time of the order may be returned within 5 days of receipt ( buyer pays shipping) without incurring a restocking fee provided that it has not been installed, not been altered, is in new and salable condition, in its original packaging and be received within 15 days of the return authorization. Should we receive a returned item that is not in its original condition and/or packaging, restocking fees will be applied at MotoComposites' discretion if accepted at all. Refunds can only be effected against the original payment method.

A Return Authorization (RA) must be requested  before any  item is returned. You may send us a request for a return authorization in “My Account” or by sending such by e-mail to This return policy does not apply to custom orders and color orders. Custom orders and color products are subject to our warranty returns policy only.

Custom orders are defined as orders for products that we don't normally stock. These are applicable mostly to earlier model years of motorcycles, or finishes and compositions for particular models or model years that are rarely requested. Should an order require the production of a custom part, the customer will be advised that his order is a custom one and will have two (2) business days to cancel his order. Should a custom order be extraordinarily late, Motocomposites may at its discretion cancel an order upon request once 65 days from the date of the order have elapsed ( excluding an Act of God). Should you have any questions or concerns before ordering, please give us a call or write us a line.

Returns will only be accepted by Post, and may be refused if sent by UPS, FedEx or any other carrier from outside of Canada, due to customs brokerage practices and pricing by these carriers. Should a return be received by a carrier other than the postal service, any customs brokerage fees charged shall be the entire responsibility of the customer and will be deducted from his refund or exchange value. Motocomposites Inc. will absorb fees associated to any return when using the postal service only.

Products produced on order will be subject to a minimum 25%, most usually 50% restocking fee if the order is cancelled any time after two (2) business days from the notification of the production scheduling, or if any are returned without a return authorization. Whenever an order is placed for a product that is not in stock, we advise so and offer to change or cancel the order at that time. Should a transaction be disputed with PayPal or the credit card issuer because a customer is unwilling to pay the restocking charge, an additional US$50 fee will be charged in addition to the restocking charge, as a documentation fee. BST wheels that are returned will incur a 15% restocking fee.

Warranty conditions

At Motocomposites, we stand behind our products. All of our carbon fiber products are warranted against manufacturing defects for a period of ninety (90) days following proof of delivery. Defective product will be replaced, not reimbursed (unless we are unable to replace it within a reasonable delay). Manufacturing defects are typically faults in finishing or fitment. We refer to our FAQ section for greater detail regarding defective products.

Should a product be received damaged, please verify if the damage was caused during transit. Our shipments are insured and we will need to file a claim with the carrier with photo evidence of the damage to both product and package.

Any warranty claim submission must be documented with a detailed description of the problem and with photographs clearly supporting the description. Then, subject to the factory's approval, the defective product will be replaced upon proof of destruction of the product instead of returned to Motocomposites. Proof of destruction must be provided within 30 days of Motocomposites' request, failing which the customer forfeits his replacement or refund. All authorizations to return or destroy a part will only be valid if received in writing. Should Motocomposites deem that the product be returned instead of destroyed and where the customer is not at fault, Motocomposites will issue a return label and assume the return costs. Should a customer dispute any transaction with his payment provider (PayPal or credit card) without having tried to resolve whatever issue first with Motocomposites, he forfeits his no-cost return privilege and is liable for a $50 administration fee payable to Motocomposites.

Alternatively, should a physical inspection of the item be required for the final approval of a warranty claim, we will credit the equivalent of air mail shipping charges ( receipt required) once the claim is approved. 

Product returned without a prior return authorization,  refused warranty claims or unjustified order cancellations  will, if accepted, and at Motocomposites' discretion, result in a minimum 25% restocking charge for the returned product(s) in addition to any shipping costs incurred over and above those paid by the customer (actual shipping fee less flat rate paid), provided that the product is in new and saleable condition. Product that has been installed, worn or in any way altered or damaged will not be reimbursed. If the warranty claim for the return is found to be unsubstantiated upon inspection, Motocomposites reserves the right to refuse to refund or credit any amount at its discretion.

Any orders requiring a custom shipping quote (Europe, Asia, Australia, etc.) on which the shipping quote has not been paid within 30 days of the "ready to ship" notice, will incur an automatic 25% restocking fee, repeatable every 90 days thereafter, should the order be subsequently cancelled.

Motocomposites Inc. is not responsible for any alterations or damage occurring to the motorcycle from the installation of its products.