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Hours of Operation:     10AM - 6PM EDT ( U.S. & Canada), Mondays through Fridays

 (UDT less 6 hrs)                Closed Saturdays, Sundays and legal holidays

All prices are quoted net of sales taxes or VAT ( European Union). We are unable to provide estimates on taxes and duties at destinations outside of North America.

Our policy is to charge no more than, and usually far less than our actual cost to ship. We carry over 100 different box sizes to ensure that our shipping is the most cost efficient in the business, all the while ensuring that our products are packaged to ensure maximum protection during transit. We ship by Expedited Post ( North America) or Expresspost (internationally) for larger orders and Tracked Packet for smaller shipments unless a specific service is not available to the desired destination or the customer requests a different service.

If your item is not in stock, we will contact you and back order it for you, in which case you can typically expect a four week production period on non-custom orders ( to six weeks on custom orders) before it is shipped. However we will advise you of what composition and finishes are in stock and you have the option to cancel or change your order to another finish or composition should you rather not wait. Because we have such a large selection of models, compositions, weaves and finishes, many variations may not be carried in inventory. We strive to carry the most popular compositions and finishes specific to each model in stock.

U.S. & Canada

Flat fee per shipment by Expedited or Tracked Packet of US$9.95 to the Continental U.S. and Canada. Customers can opt for partial shipments where certain items are back-ordered by paying a supplemental shipping charge for each additional shipment. Our actual cost to ship is much greater than the flat fee that we charge. Alaska and Hawaii residents pay a flat fee shipping of $19.95.

Orders are shipped the following business day (we do not ship Saturdays, Sundays or on legal holidays). Tracking information (Canada Post & USPS) will be provided on all orders as soon as shipped.

Estimated shipping Time for Continental U.S. & Canadian customers: 3 to 6 business days

International shipments

Our shopping cart cannot provide immediate shipping quotes to countries outside of the U.S. and Canada. Please e-mail us at  with the parts that you wish to order for a shipping quote. Please note that shipping costs are largely determined by volumetric weight, meaning that the size of the box will be the greatest determining factor of cost. That said, it is our experience that the largest part ordered will often allow for many additional parts at no extra shipping cost. Contact us for more information.

We charge only what it costs us to ship. We will provide a shipping quote based on the box size and estimated weight of the shipment (Tracked Packet excepted as all shipments are based on a box that doesn't exceed a certain size).

Shipping time to international customers varies by service and by region. Smaller parts are sent by Tracked Packet, while larger orders by Expresspost. On Time guarantees by Canada Post are as follows (customs delays are supplemental):

                           Tracked Packet           Expresspost

Europe                 7 business days          4 business days

Oceania               10 business days         6 business days

Asia                    not always available    5-10 business days depending on destination country

Priority shipping or the less expensive International Air or Surface services may also available and can be quoted upon.

For reference, here are some of our Tracked Packet rates (in US$):

 to 250g to the UK and most European countries                     18.39
 from 251 to 500g to the UK and most European countries       22.31
 from 501 to 1000g to the UK and most European countries     31.78
 from 1001 to 1500g to the UK and most European countries   35.60
 from 1501 to 2000g to the UK and most European countries   39.42

 to 250g to Australia and New Zealand                                  22.64
 from 251 to 500g to Australia and New Zealand                    27.17
 from 501 to 1000g to Australia and New Zealand                  37.46
 from 1001 to 1500g to Australia and New Zealand                43.28
 from 1501 to 2000g to Australia and New Zealand                47.74

Oversize International Shipments:

Certain countries' postal services do not accept oversize shipments unless sent by Priority Post (typically FedEx Express), which is very expensive. Typical parts requiring an oversize box are some front fairings and large side panels. As an alternative, we have recently been able to find alternative shipping methods at far more reasonable prices but which may take an extra week or two to secure. In most cases,we are usually able to determine if the order will require an oversize box upon providing a custom shipping quote and will advise accordingly. We are glad to assist customers who have oversized shipments to make their own shipping arrangements if they so wish.

We are able to ship at preferential rates to the following countries:

Australia, Belgium, Croatia, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Great Britain, Ireland, Lithuania, Luxemburg, Malaysia, Malta, Netherlands, New Zealand, Singapore, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland.

Motocomposites Inc. reserves the right to cancel any order and reimburse any transaction. Orders originating from countries considered to be high risk will be treated on an individual basis and may require alternative sources of payment, waivers or sureties for acceptance.

It is the buyer’s responsibility to keep us informed of any address changes.

Why do we charge for shipping ?

1.       We offer our products at the lowest possible prices. Compare prices taking shipping charges into account and you’ll agree.

2.       We do not make money on our shipping and handling charges. In fact, the larger the order, the greater the shipping expense we absorb.

3.       There is no minimum order.

4.       Our flat fee per shipment  allows the customer to opt for partial shipments of his order without having to wait for the whole order to be                 assembled before shipping, and that at a very reasonable cost.

5.        We could not offer our liberal returns policy if we couldn’t at least partially cover shipping costs.