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Carbon Options

To help with your purchasing decision, we have compiled a set of photographs to highlight the different construction and finishing options we make available. See our Color Options (?) tab for our color offerings.

1- Composition choices

For most models, we previously offered both the less expensive fiberglass backed carbon fiber product and the more expensive, lighter and stronger 100% carbon fiber product. Both appear identical on the outside finish but can be visually distinguished by the weave pattern ( or lack thereof where there is a fiberglass inlay) on the unfinished side of the piece and overall thickness and greater weight of the fiberglass backed product.


Buyer beware: There are numerous vendors touting their products as carbon fiber products in their product descriptions, which are either omitting to mention that their products are the less expensive fiberglass backed products or burying this detail somewhere within their website. Also, some manufacturers use Polyester resins which are far less expensive than epoxy resins, will crack easily and will yellow over time. Fitment problems associated with lower grade products are common as the cost-cutting materials used to make their moulds are often inferior. For greater details on this, you may consult our "Product Specifications" (found under Warranties and Returns tab) and "FAQ" sections.

2- Weave and Finish choices

Traditionally, most carbon fiber offerings for motorcycles have been of the glossy plain weave type given the attractiveness of this tighter weave on smaller pieces.


With matte paint schemes on some of the latest sportsbikes offerings, matte finish carbon fiber has become increasingly popular and we are proud to offer this option. Here is the matte plain weave:


Also gaining in popularity is twill weave carbon fiber, a slightly larger weave distinguished by its diagonal pattern. This is the weave pattern found on BST carbon fiber wheels. It is much more difficult to produce a consistent and symmetrical pattern, hence some manufacturers shy away from it. Here is glossy twill weave:




and matte twill weave:


For a better perspective, here are a few larger parts:

Glossy Plain Weave


Matte Plain Weave


Glossy Twill Weave


Matte Twill Weave


While certain weave and finish configurations are considered to be custom orders for certain brands and models, we are now offering a forged carbon weave as a custom order configuration, available only in a glossy finish and in 100% carbon:



In some cases, our product descriptions include presentations of the same product in different finishes. We also offer the color finishes in our 100% Carbon products sections, described in greater detail under our Color Options (?) tab.