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Looking good

Posted by Martin on 29th Aug 2019

Well, we're finally all installed and settled in at our new facilities and are only missing a little paint here and there to complete our offices. We've been working hard and are all caught up. Any backlog of customer orders has been pretty well taken care of and production times are back to normal after the frantic rush of the spring and summer.

The website has undergone a lot of changes over the past months as well, and our developers continue to work on fine tuning the site. Should you have suggestions on how we can further improve our store and service, we'd be happy to hear from you.

We're one of very few carbon fiber parts vendors that are actively engaged in obtaining customer reviews. After a year with Trustpilot in which we collected 474 reviews with an 8.6/10 rating, we have moved to Shopper Approved which works far more proactively to sollicit reviews. This is important to us as reviews tend to be skewed by those individuals who are highly motivated to leave one, which is usually when someone is unhappy. It was after that we had received some unfair reviews on Trustpilot initially that we decided to seek out reviews and we are very appreciative of every positive review received. 

Few people realize just how difficult it is to be well rated in the carbon parts industry. Parts are very labor intensive to produce and should a tab or mounting point be off by millimeters when the part is made, given the unforgiving nature of carbon ( strong and stiff), the part may have issues which are virtually impossible to detect beforehand through quality control. The percentage of parts that have problems is small, but higher than if it was made by say, a plastic injection moulding machine. We understand how frustrating it can be when a custom ordered part finally comes in after a six week wait and it doesn't fit. We are there to provide customer support when such problems arise and will do our utmost to make the customer happy. Not everyone in the industry is as consciencious.

Finally, we often get asked where our parts are produced. The answer is China. We contract out our manufacturing as domestic or European manufacturing costs would be triple of our current costs. There is no mainstream motorcycle carbon parts manufacturing left in the Western world ( other than wheels). Yes, there are some limited runs of very simple parts or highly specialized, low volume shops at work. But don't let anyone make you believe that their parts are produced in Germany or the U.S. For that matter, as previously mentioned in another post a few years ago, there is an outfit here pretending to be a manufacturer showing a video of production at their supplier in China. That said, there are high quality and low quality manufacturers in any country.