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17th Apr 2018

As the sole shareholder/operator of Motocomposites Inc., you'll never find me or my staff say anything negative about our competitors . We have tried instead to inform and educate our customers and the public at large about the general practices and standards particular to the carbon fiber parts industry. We are proud to say that over the past five years, we have made an impact in the industry by providing consumers with the information required to make better purchasing decisions while at the same time, offering products, configurations and services that no one else does.Some of our competitors have changed their way of doing things by meeting some of our competitive challenges and by being more transparent, which we feel is for the betterment of our industry as a whole.

Unfortunately, there will still be the odd merchant that tries to gain a competitive advantage by misleading customers. I'm referring to a U.S. company which is owned and operated by a Chinese individual, sourcing from Chinese manufacturers, who has a video up on his site leading people to believe that he is engaged in manufacturing and is doing so in the US. We happen to know his primary supplier who agreed to film his employees wearing this company's emblazoned t-shirts.I have visited their factory, and for a time, did some limited purchasing from them. We ceased to do business with them no matter how inexpensive their products were, because they would not stand behind their products and were engaged in questionable business practices .This particular supplier created a number of unpleasant situations for us by making us and our customers suffer unreasonable delays in fulfilling orders, resulting in some poor customer reviews . After some research, we came across several stories on the internet documenting this particular manufacturer enticing newcomers in the business with false promises only to decimate them later for the benefit of their established customers.

The impetus that made me bring this up is that a customer who was considering placing a large order with us, asked us to provide video of our manufacturing facilities producing his parts after seeing this competitors' video. We have never hidden from where we source our products and have discussed this numerous times, and at length on our Facebook page. I could go into greater detail , however I'm looking to enlighten our customers rather than to seek conflict with a competitor.